The CMI Way

Other lenders have a certain way of making their commercial clients apply for mortgages. Long application processes, limited options, and huge wait times between application and approval are all typical practices that can make applying for a commercial mortgage or commercial capital seem like a chore. But at CMI, we do it differently.


At CMI our team of over 30 mortgage and loan professionals knows exactly what business owners want – to get what they need and to get back to business. And that’s why we offer nothing less. Our commercial mortgages take just minutes to apply for – you can even do it online! And you won’t have to worry about waiting weeks to hear back on whether or not your loan was approved – we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to let you know what your options are and what commercial mortgage packages we might have available for you. And options? We’ve got tons of them! With over 250 lenders, and 2,000 different packages, we always have what business owners are looking for, and we work hard to make sure business owners get it quickly.


We don’t work like other lenders or other mortgage brokers. Short application processes, fast approval times, and tons of commercial mortgage options. That’s what business owners are looking for today; and that’s the CMI way.