Construction & Land Development Financing

CMI Capital is an expert in land acquisition financing, development and servicing loans, as well as construction/draw loans. We are able to provide financing at each of these stages on a standalone basis, or on the basis of a “Turnkey” project loan.

Our staff who will handle your request are all commercial experts that focus on commercial financing.

We are able to finance projects in the residential, commercial, industrial, and hospitality sectors. In some unique cases, where projects have exception merit, we may also be able to arrange mezzanine or private equity capital.

In all cases, we specialize in working with junior and senior developers and/or builders alike in obtaining cost effective financing for their projects. Our national network of contacts enables us to finance projects in all major urban and most secondary urban centres in all provinces across the country.

We are able to provide financing through institutional, secondary, as well as the private capital markets. We have extensive expertise in private land and construction financing for most asset classes.

We are also able to provide rehabilitation / construction loans for existing multi-income assets in most locations across Canada.

We specialize in projects in the $250K to $20M range, though we do have the ability to finance larger projects up to $100M, and can consider smaller loans under $250K where the loans are secured by good quality real estate assets.

As a full cycle partner, we are able to provide financing from land, through servicing, up to construction, and then even on an inventory basis upon completion of the project where needed or on income/ term loans for ICI real estate.