Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgages / M&A Financing / ABL Loans of $1M+

At CMI, we not only provide mortgage financing to real estate investors but we are also experts in providing mortgage loans to owner-occupants, or “operators”, which may run their business from a portion of or up to 100% of the real estate in question.

By understanding both corporate financing as well as real estate financing, we are able to help you leverage your company’s cash flow to either acquire or refinance real estate with leverages that may sometimes exceed the norm if your business has a strong EBIDTA.

If you are looking to acquire a going concern business which includes real estate as a major part of its asset base, we also have some lenders which will provide capital financing for such projects.

We are also able to help business owners with a strong asset base beyond real estate, leverage those assets as part of ABL loans, either independently or in conjunction with real estate financing. When looking at ABL financing, please note we only consider standalone transactions in excess of $1M with liquid assets as collateral security.